A Portrait of the Blogger as a Slightly Confused Languages Student

I think it’s fairly clear from the title of my blog that I am a languages student! I study French, Spanish and German. As a secondary school student I also studied Irish and English. I love English and enjoy coming across new words and learning their etymological roots. I am a real wordnerd! In this blog I’m going to document my experience of learning languages, with a special focus on SLA (Second Language Acquisition) through technology.  I follow Spanish, French and German teaching accounts on Twitter to help me, I have “liked” many pages on Facebook which focus on language learning and “Foreign Films” is my favourite category on Netflix, so I really rely on technology to help me with studying! I am the PRO of my university’s International Society, which is a society specifically for students on Erasmus and study abroad placements. Every day, I switch between English and my other languages to communicate with members, both online and in real life, so I am always learning and looking for new ways to say things!