Laughing in Spanish

My name is Muireann, and I am addicted to Buzzfeed.  In case you don’t know what Buzzfeed is, it is a news-pop culture-entertainment-adorable baby animals-sports-music-literature website. It frequently has excellent articles about current affairs (especially during the recent shut down in the U.S.), music and pop culture (I recently read an excellent analysis of Drake’s music career and how different his style of rapping is to more seasoned rappers such as Jay Z and Kanye West, with a focus on the sociological reasons as to why he has been so successful), but most importantly, they have lots and lots of pictures of tiny kittens in teacups and ducks going down waterslides.

Whenever I study using the internet, I have to ban myself from using Facebook, Twitter and Buzzfeed. They are distracting and time consuming when I am supposed to be writing essays or revising themes in French literature, but in addition to this, Buzzfeed frequently makes me laugh until I cry. This is not ideal when I am working in the library, as you can imagine! However, last week I learned that Buzzfeed could actually be beneficial to my education rather than hindering my learning experience.

I study Advanced Spanish, and frequently read many websites in Spanish just to increase my vocabulary and to immerse myself in Spanish for a little while. If I have only a few minutes, it’s easier to read an article in Spanish Vogue online rather than crack open a copy of Don Quijote in the original Castellano. Plus even though Don Quijote might be a classic, the vocabulary I would find in an article about blusher and bronzer is undoubtedly more useful to me at the moment. Last week, I discovered that Buzzfeed is available in Spanish. I was (no joke) overjoyed to see this, and promptly started reading articles about pugs (“26 Disfraces que prueban que los Pugs siempre ganan en Halloween”), Disney princesses (“15 Terribles lecciones de amor que apprendimos de las Princesas de Disney”) and student life (“La Diferencia Entre El Primer Y El Último Año De Universidad”). Buzzfeed in Spanish is as easy and simple to navigate as the other versions of Buzzfeed (it is being launched in Portuguese and French too) and has most of the same articles as in the English-language edition. It’s still as funny, irreverent, as gif-filled and as interesting as the other version. Users can vote on articles being “génial”, “lindo”, and “WTF”, just as they can vote in the English language version on whether articles are “funny”, “cute” and “WTF” (some things don’t change). It’s just as wonderfully time consuming as it is in English and I can’t wait until the French version becomes available!

It makes me very happy to think that now I can procrastinate and study at the same time. 




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