Grammar and Google

This week I created my profile on Vocabulix, which is a great website helping students to learn English, German and Spanish. It has some really good resources which I have used in the past and will definitely use in the future, such as verb tables and vocabulary drills and self-testing aids. When I am writing an essay or completing homework for a Spanish or German class, I always recheck my work for mistakes. When I need to check my Spanish verbs, Vocabulix has the verb tables laid out for 14 tenses in Spanish. Whatever I need to check, it will almost certainly be there! The obvious problem is that not all verbs are available and there are only three languages on the website. However, there are three language options for the website – Spanish, German and English – which makes it useful for native speakers of all three languages. The website is not brilliantly laid out – it is rather old-fashioned, simple and frill-free. There is a feature in which one can invite friends and communicate one’s progress to others, but I haven’t used it and probably won’t. On the whole, it is a good website and I shall continue to use it.


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